Contemporary Music

A selection from Wolfgang Kogert’s repertoire.
Standard works (Ligeti, Messiaen, Alain, etc.) are not listed.

Peter Ablinger *1959

Organ and World Receiver 1999 youtube
Premiere: 1.12.2011, S. Michael's Church Vienna

Without Title 1 – 10 2005

Instrument and Voice 2007 – 2013

Thomas Amann *1978

hands, yard, infinty 2013
for Organ and Orchestra
Premiere: 18.10.2013, Vienna Musikverein
ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna
Conductor: Cornelius Meister

Noriko Baba *1972

Five Workouts 2017

Friedrich Cerha *1926

Neun Präludien 2011/12 YOUTUBE

Neun Inventionen 2011 youtube

Sechs Postludien 2014
First performance: Germany, Croatia

Kammermusik 2010
for Orchestra
Premiere: 21.5.2010, Vienna Musikverein
ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna
Conductor: Bertrand de Billy

Yves Chauris *1980

Furtivo 2007/2012

Bernd Richard Deutsch *1977

Okeanos 2014/15
Concerto for Organ and Orchestra
Premiere: 26.11.2015, Vienna Musikverein
ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna
Conductor: Stefan Asbury
First performance: Norway

Toccata octophonica 2004/05
First performance: Switzerland

Hugues Dufourt *1943

These vidit flames 2014
First performance: Austria

Pascal Dusapin *1955

Memory 2008

Karlheinz Essl *1960

Partikelbewegungen 1991 – 2016 YOUTUBE
for Organ and Voice

WebernSpielWerk 2005

Listen Thing 2008 youtube

Puzzle of Purcell 2017/18
Premiere: 14.7.2020, Martin-Luther-Kirche Linz

Cristóbal Halffter *1930

Ricercare 1981

Lukas Haselböck *1972

... mei schdimm en da nocht ... 2012 YOUTUBE
Three songs after H.C. Artmann for Mezzosoprano and Organ
dedicated to Agnes Palmisano and Wolfgang Kogert
Premiere: 11.4.2013, ORF RadioKulturhaus Vienna
Mezzosoprano: Agnes Palmisano

Josef Matthias Hauer 1883 – 1959

Two Zwölftonspiele
(rediscovered 2015)
Premiere: N.N.

Christoph Herndler *1964

rondo 2017 youtube
dedicated to Teresa Vogl and Wolfgang Kogert
Premiere: 8.7.2017, Kunst-Station Sankt Peter Cologne

taktzittern 2015 YOUTUBE
First performance: Germany

variations sérieuses variation 2011 YOUTUBE
after Mendelssohn op. 54
First performance: Germany, France, Hungary, Poland

asche 2019
dedicated to Wolfgang Kogert
Premiere: N.N.

Anders Hillborg *1954

U-Tangia-Na 1991
for Trombone and Organ

Manuela Kerer *1980

Anti-Aging für Klangkosmetiker 2014/16 YOUTUBE
for Mezzosoprano and Organ (Positive)
dedicated to Wolfgang Kogert
Premiere: 15.12.2016, imPavillon Wels
Mezzosoprano: Anna Clare Hauf

Zweite Futurmodulation bei Sonnenaufgang 2010 Youtube
für Soprano and Organ
First Performance: Austria
Soprano: Agnes Palmisano

Katharina Klement *1963

Drift 2015 YOUTUBE
for Organ and Electronics
Premiere: 18.4.2015, ORF RadioKulturhaus Vienna
Elektronics: Katharina Klement

Johannes Kretz *1968

Three Pieces 1992/2015 YOUTUBE
for Organ and Live Electronics
Premiere: 18.4.2015, ORF RadioKulturhaus Vienna
Live Elektronics: Johannes Kretz

Thomas Lacôte *1982

Vidit Jacob scalam 2008
Étude pour orgue
First performance: Germany

Agencement-Rhizome 2004
First Performance: Austria

Klaus Lang *1971

weißbärtig. mond. 2008/12
Premiere: 27.5.2013, University Church Vienna
First performance: Germany

marias mantel 2005 YOUTUBE
First performance: Germany, Hungary, Norway, France

ABD 1995 youtube

Das kaum wahrnehmbare Lächeln Dostojewskis 1997/98
for Female Voice and Organ (Positive)

17 symmetrien 2012

mars attacks 1999

Jean-Pierre Leguay *1939

Prélude XXIII 1982/83 YOUTUBE

Prélude XVIIa 1974/75 YOUTUBE

Péan IV 2004

Alain Louvier *1945

Études pour Agresseurs 1983
First performance: Austria

James MacMillan *1959

Cantos sagrados 1989 YOUTUBE
for Choir and Organ
First performance: Austria
Vienna Chamber Choir
Conductor: Michael Grohotolsky

Beatus vir 1983 Youtube
for Choir and Organ
First peformance: Austria
Bachchor Salzburg
Conductor: Alois Glaßner

Benoît Mernier *1964

Toccata 2004
First performance: Switzerland

Wolfgang Mitterer *1958

Organ Music No. 5 1983 YOUTUBE

Organ Music No. 2 1980 youtube

vox acuta 1991

balancement 1999
for Organ and Tape

sonori 1985
for Trombone and Organ

Younghi Pagh-Paan *1945

Seht euch an, wie Lilien blühen! 2015

Pier Damiano Peretti *1974

Quasi Manualiter 2018
for historic Organ
dedicated to Wolfgang Kogert

Gérard Pesson *1958

Trois Études 1998

Michael Radulescu *1943

Seven Passion Chorales 1981

Gerald Resch *1975

Hanni 2018/19
für Reciter, Organ and Ensemble (Text: Franzobel)
UA: 10.3.2020, Brucknerhaus Linz
Reciter: Maxi Blaha
Ensemble PHACE

Wolfgang Sauseng *1956

Missa per l'organo 1994
for historic Organ

Giacinto Scelsi 1905 – 1988

In nominie lucis 1974

Dieter Schnebel *1930 – 2018

Lamento di Guerra 1991 youtube
for Mezzosoprano and Organ

Alfred Schnittke 1934 – 1998

Schall und Hall 1983
for Trombone and Organ

Kurt Schwertsik *1935

Ich sein Blumenbein 1980 YOUTUBE
Eleven songs Ernst Jandl for Voice and Organ (Positive)

Wolfgang Suppan *1966

influx 2017 YOUTUBE
Premiere: 5.4.2017, Hofburgkapelle Vienna
First performance: Germany, Croatia

Dominik Susteck *1977

Farblichter 2011

Zsigmond Szathmáry *1939

Toccata breve 2019
dedicated to Wolfgang Kogert
Premiere: 8.9.2019, Wilten Abbey
First performance: Germany

Feuertaufe 2004 YOUTUBE
First performance: Austria, Switzerland

Moving colours 2006 Youtube
First performance: Austria

Bremer Dom-Musik 2013 youtube
for two Organs

Wolfram Wagner *1962

Fantasie 2008 Youtube
dedicated to Wolfgang Kogert
Premiere: 13.8.2009, S. Mary's Cathedral Linz
First performance: Norway, Russia, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Italy

Gerhard E. Winkler *1959

Anamorph III »Dreigroschenbach« 2014/16 Youtube
dedicated to Wolfgang Kogert
Premiere of the first version (2014): 18.4.2015, ORF RadioKulturhaus Vienna
Premiere of the revised version (2016): N.N.